Kaş Activities

Antiphellos (Facing Phellos) was the ancient name of Kaş, the district located at the southeast end of Antalya. Historical sources clearly state that the name ‘Antipellos’ means ‘the shore of ancient Phellos’ (The word Phellos means ‘stony place’), which is an ancient city near Cukurbag Village (Çukurbağ Peninsula).

190 km far from Antalya International Airport and 160 km far from Dalaman International Airport Kaş became a developing and serene vacation place. The history lovers will find numerous things to explore in Kaş.  The Hellenistic Theatre is one of the most important ancient ruins. Walk up hilly Uzun Çarşı Sokak to reach the King’s Tomb, a superb example of the 4th century BC Lycian sarcophagus. You can also walk to the rock tombs cut into the sheer cliffs above the town, which are illuminated at night. The famous Lycian Way which is about 500km (one of the world’s 10 best walks) passes through Kaş district. You may explore it while trekking or mountain biking.

With its interesting coast, preserved sea, and famous for old sunken ships, the region has become a diving center in recent years. Don’t miss flying with parachute over beautiful landscape and enjoying the great view of Kaş and Meis the Greek Island. Or spend a lazy day in Kaş sunbathing on its beaches (Büyük Çakıl, Akçagerme Plajı, etc), having tea in Çay Bahçesi, shopping, having meal at Kaş numerous restaurants.



A must for those who wish to experience the wildlife, countryside, villages, sea, mountains and rough treks close up. The journey starts from Kaş, you leave with your  group and a guide in a jeep followed by another jeeps. The spectacular Saklıkent Gorge is really just a fissure in the Akdağlar. Staggering 18 kilometers it extends, and the dizzy heights of 600 meters it reaches. Weather you want to walk through the stunning canyon or try your hand at solo rafting down the river, the cool waters are very refreshing on a hot summer day. You approach the gorge along a wooden boardwalk towering above the river. On wooden platforms suspended above the water, you can relax, drink tea and eat fresh trout while watching other tourists slip and slide their way across the river, hanging onto a rope, and then dropping into the gorge proper. The tour will be continued by visiting ancient Patara ruins and Patara beach. On your way back to Kaş you will visit Kaputaş , a  perfect little sandy cove with a beach.


Everyone who is on holidays in Kaş must visit Kekova! Board the boat for a trip to the Sunken City Kekova, via Uçağız (anc. Teimiussa), Simena, Burc Bay and Pirates’ cave.  Along the northern shore of Kekova are ruins, partly submerged 6m below the sea and refered to as the Batık Şehir (Sunken City). These ruins are the result of a series of severe earthquakes in the 2nd century AD; most of what you can stil see is a residential part of ancient Simena. Foundations of buildings, staircases and moorings are also visible . After the visit to Kekova you will have lunch on the boat and then head on to Kaleköy (anc. Simena), passing a couple of a submerged Lycian tombs just offshore. There  is usually about an hour to explore Kaleköy and climb up to the hilltop fortress. Don’t forget to take your camera and sunscreen lotion with you.